I’m mom of two. Our boy is 3 years old and his younger sister is almost 1 year old. I kept a daily diary when I was pregnant and after my son was born. I used all my notes, schedules and shopping lists to help myself when our baby girl joined us almost 2.5 year later.

If you are pregnant or you are a new mom – you don’t have to reinvent the wheel – hopefully some of my tips will be of use to you too.

I’m not saying I have answers to every question that you are asking duirng the pregnancy or when the bundle of joy arrived home, and possibly I might be wrong in some cases but I managed to raise two great kids so I must have been doing something right ;)

I hope I’ll keep it up!

On this page expect to find some useful shopping lists, routines, schedules and techniques that will help you go through the day. I am not saying that they are perfect, that is why I encourage you to use what you like, improve what you don’t like and share the knowledge with other moms.

I like to make notes about what works and what does not so I thought that I can share it with other moms. I write about baby products we used and that we or our kids love. I also think its good to offer giveaways to anyone who comes across this page or encourage moms to pass unnecessary items to others women and babies that need it.

I could not find this type of page while I was pregnant. I could find a lot of advices form experts writing pregnancy books, labour books or how to look after my newborn baby, but could not find useful advices from moms that went through what I was going through. I needed solutions that could be taken and applied rather than generic encouragement to look after my baby. As there was a gap I’ve decided to fill it in and start sharing the practical knowledge that I gathered and tested over last few years.

I hope you will like it and help to make it better for other moms.

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